Mo Phillips writes kids songs from his secret ninja laboratory in the Portland, Oregon. In the old days, Mo played crazy jazz and psychedelic math rock on three continents to much acclaim.  Mo grew up recreating Neil Young and the Rolling Stones in his bedroom, and after some university years trying (unsuccessfully) to cross D. Boon with John Coltrane, he fell back into his classic rockin' ways. It has been said that Mo's album Train Beard sounds like Black Francis joined Wilco to make a kids album.

 When not doling out the goods to the young set, Mo is a husband, a dad, and a really slow but mostly dedicated soccer player. And of course lover and supporter of the Portland Timbers. RCTID!

 When not making bands with the youngest rockers, Mo performs interactive shows of his own that respect the intelligence of young people with wit and irreverence, without being being strictly scatological. This is music built for kids and parents alike!  Mo does not dumb down lyrics or melodies for kids to "understand", and therefore sings about things whole families can appreciate.  A fine, distilled blend of Americana, Soul and Blues, while not being afraid of a poppy hook or straight rockin' out.

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