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Funky Jams!

Illustrated ukulele songboook! Unbelievable!!


YES!! The new album of supa hot jams! Turn it up to 11!

If you prefer iTunes, just look me up there!!

Whoot Whoot!! 

If you prefer iTunes, just look me up there!!

Featuring "You Can't Be Friends With Food", "Puddletown Glide", and "Don't Chuck Your Ball So Hard", along with some other super choice cuts! Get it while its hot!!

It is silly and fun and ya know, silly and fun. Dig it.

MO PHILLIPS: Train Beard
This is a compilation of tunes from the last couple of years. It is the appetizer to the album coming out later this year. There are some tasty treats on here, to be sure!
This is the debut solo CD. It has some fabulous guests on it, and is a general joy to listen to. You can also purchase this fabulous piece at Music Millenium stores in Portland, Oregon.