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Thank you so much Mo, for doing the event at Ridgefield Library. We drove 20 minutes to see you, and will now be following you all around Portland. Could you please point me in the direction of the music we made, my kids can't stop singing the song.
Hi Mo! My students and I were at the Children's Clean Water Festival today. We had a great time. I wanted to let you know that you were definitely a highlight of the day for us. You're great! Sooo... you visit schools?? Any interest/availability in coming out to our school? Thanks! Jackie
u so rock mo!!!!!!!
Wow, I've never heard of Kindy before, but I just did a review and giveaway for you and I'm such a fan I'm trying to win my own copy off another blog! XD I think you are great, keep up the great work :)
Marvelous Mo – The staff, families and kiddos at Children’s Relief Nursery want to thank you for the super-fun show this afternoon. We just loved wiggling and giggling to your tunes. You were the cherry on top of our Holiday Open House, seriously. It was wonderful of you to give your time to our special cause, Mo. Your talent and kind heart brought such cheer to us all. Again, thank you so much. - The CRN Gang
You rock as a teacher!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I hope you can teach me in SUN again,i'll be in 3rd grade,if you can teach us again!!
Saw you at the Performer's Showcase and can't wait to have you visit our library! Hopefully next summer.
Happy Birthday Uncle Mo Mo!
great show at the Flying Cat this morning! Cant wait to do it again!! thanks!!
caught you at Milagro's today and loved it! Z sang the whole way home... and all through her nap time... don't know if we can come back.
Here's hoping you have a super swell birthday tomorrow Uncle Mo Mo - we're sending all our love
It was cool to see and hear you today, Mo!
Sweet Rock N Roll Kindy at PCM. Thank you! We are rocking the ukulele at home now!
Mo...I'm a friend of friend just heard Train Beard and love it! I thought you may like to share this awesome around the world music video done to Stand by Me. Life is GOOD! Nice to have met you - musically speaking!
wishin' you had a gig while we are in town! a bit short on time during our visit anyway; it'll be good to see y'all though!
Just Listened to you new disc "Train Beard." Your twice as brilliant as I originally thought. Rock on man. Rock on.
long time brodda. hope u r great!
Hey Uncle Mo Mo - Happy Birthday to you! Hope you had a great day at golf and soccer kickin' goals... We miss you and send you big love :)
Dude, time to update the message on the front page of your site. Give big kisses to the family from me, luv Leanne x
I liked your site.
Hey there Mo - thae man with the tunes and the fancy feet. hope you arent going to deprive Portland of the tunes you make and the moves you cut on the field - thanks to the No-1 striker.
Hey, Mr. Phillips. your family is so beautiful....just randomly visiting the East site, and linked to you. Take care!
yo mo. just thinking of you. jah bless. give big hugs and kisses to the fam from uncle charlie
Stay well my ol' friend! miss you and your linens! K~
hi mo. been a long time. love the tunes. fam is lookin good too. -T
Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday Uncle MoMo Happy Birthday to you!
Word up. Missing GAPMaternity Kate Phillips, my 21st birthday vomiting partner in crime. Remember how much it was raining...oh, Portland. I'm in Spain and coming home soon, but you're in Australia. Would love to hear from you, now that I'm more emotionally stable and less likely to come over crying because the world is falling apart! Yes, things have changed... Send me a message and I promise to mail you a giant fuzzy bull from Pamplona. Cheers e
ohmigod...I just followed the link to slutstack and freakin ROCKED OUT to pile o bitches! Thanks man. god I love ya! eugh!
um mary guei is creepy
Happy Father's Day Mo! Word to the fam.
Mo, I tried to respond to you but it kept coming back undeliverable. I will try again but have tried both mo and Thanks for writing, I am so excited! Go BLAZERS! and BRONCOS! Brad
Hello, we miss you
New site layout looks good my friend,and the tunes are as good as ever! Hope you and the family are doing well. Any truth to rumors about a return Stateside?
wow, fancy new site! Thanks for sending us your awesome wife and youngest son! They ROCK!
hi mo. do you ever look at this page? love to you and your family.
love you monkeys... see you sooner.
Hey Papa Mo, congrats on the children and website. Thanks for the tunes, memories and vibes. Sooner or later I hope to see you in Oz.
Big thnx. So interesting. I wish you prosperity Best wishes. Lisa.
Loved the you tube mganks videos! You look HOT! Can't wait to meet Owen and see all of you again. soon. un beso muy fuerte.
Gee Mo, I gotta show on Friday the 8th too. I'll dedicate mine to you if you dedicate yours to me. I'm gonna cc you on some mp3s from Polski soon. All the best dear sir.
Hey Morgs! Just did a review for you! We hope you win! Love your video...I was hoping for a little nipple action though. We think and talk about you and your family often. Can't wait for you all to get HERE! big hugs!
I think PolaND JUST MIGHT BE THA land of MILk and HOney. Listenubg to the BOaT AND PulliNg ticks from dogs and pskn shooms and soup at every meal and Raj and love and wiFe and So nice and Just got Back to Ny C ansd frunky.
Dearest Phillips Fam- Much thanks and love for the lovely greetings to us via both website and personal call. It made the weekend complete hearing your voice dear Kate - big hugs for that thoughtful message. And thanks for the shout-out on the site, Mo! We had fellow Oly buddy of yours, Aaron, spinning the tunes and had the happenning dance party - you both were dearly missed but fullly there in spirit! And, I hear we'll be seeing ya again before we know it!! Cheers. Love & Friendship, The Nahurski's!!
My my hey hey, hi Morgan, Its your step-something-relative Nicole et her husband Philip et their beautiful 4 month old daughter Nina Carmela (named for Nina Simone and Philip's great grandmother who immigrated from Sicily). Henry looks as cute as a button -- I look forward to the three of us meeting him and Kate someday. We love your site and your music and would love to hear your play live someday...hopefully someday soon. xoxo, n+p+n
Hey MoMo! Sorry you were out of town during my triumphant return to Brisbane. Some people will go to extremes to avoid their in-laws I guess! See you soon
Yo Henry, Kate & Mo What up good people! How goes it in Ausie land? It has been a while, hoping you are all well, and checking in with the Rockers down under. Its been raining out in VT like mad, it appears the rain gods feel Vermonters have a dryness issue (their humor really lacks), so we get a natural shower just about everyday, makes the bitter salty New Englander that much more fun to hang out with. It has been raining for about 6 weeks, they say the winds are changing, and we working in the farming community sure hope so, it is sloppy out there. However, the hay is green and growing, the trees are still bright, the backyard gardens are coming in, and generally speaking, things are rolling along. I'll send you some pics via yahoo email one of these days. Take care, Webs
Yo!!! Love to see your photos. Hascy got a guitar last Christmas and is rockin like keith richards! Hope all's fabulous down under. miss you. Can't wait to check out your CD! Jenny & Hascy T
whoa, you're busy down unda! love to you and your mail box!
I'm diggin the new website.. do you need a tamborinist for the new band line up? I'd like to play in it. and shaker too if you like.. he he dave's keen to play drums in it.
Why do not I not have a copy of this CD already? Please remind me to purchase one when I am next at your beck and call to do something for you. By the way, you do realise that there are no actual photos of the ellusive Mo on this site, don't you? love always your dear friend Sue
yo big mo. long time. good to hear your still alive and well. miss ya.
Will the handsome man in the photo above please contact me at the above e-mail?
Good lord son! How the shows going? I just added a part time percussionist to the band. I highly recommend it. Tambourine spells D_Y_N_A_M_I_C_S. Howdy to Kitty & Hanky Panky.
Hey Mo, bought your cd and really dig the "here comes a rogue". Heading to Brisbane to reform our duo Nabi in July. My buddy Alex has set up a date or two so come check us out. See you soon GF Rocks Terry
Uncle MoMo, Thanks for cooking a lovely Easter brunch for the Jessop gang. The potatoes are superb. I still owe you a meat pie and sauce. Love, Leanne
Hey Mo! Congrats on the Tele- that was the first guitar I really bonded with, and I'd still be playing mine right now if I had the cash to get the frets redone and I wasn't in grad school. Apologies for the flurry of emails I've been vaulting your way, but I'm so excited to be visiting Australia, and I really don't want to miss a chance to see you by picking the wrong days to be in Brisbane. Email or Skype me soon!
hey Morgs! Just watchin march madness and checkin out your site. We talk/laugh/remember you and yours often and love you more than you know....
Dear Uncle MoMo, Hello. i hope you had a happy day.[casey] ddnfeyfnevd dvrns c/hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh [kai]
Uncle MoMo, You make a mean indian curry. Thanks for the superb birthday dinner. Maybe on your birthday this year I'll treat ya to a meat pie and sauce. [no, not ketchup] love ya!
Just signed up for the army...boot camp starts april 14 in Portland, Or. I'm suppossed to bring paint brushes and bottle cappers...and i'm a little bit confusoly...
Hey mates! First comment for the guest book; sorry about that but hey, I've always taken the scenic route, right, Kate? Sending love and friendship across the big blue sea, and I have 2 suggestions for the cover songs: Boogie On Reggae Woman (memories of my 30th birthday karaoke I'll never forget!) and, of course... Southern Cross! Can't wait to bowl another strike with you, Dr. Doughnut. Miss you all! Sobel (aka Pepper)
Hi family... just thought you should know we're sending big loves your way!!! Horray!! Yippee!! Skippadeedodah! heehee
yo mo, just saw that sigur ros will be coming your way in april. i most highly suggest you go. save up your foster cans (do you get money for cans down under and does the toilet really flush the other way?)
go seahawks...
Hey Mo- Adam has been keeping me up to date on the happenings down there. Hope all is well. The lightening storm sounds fantastical. Miss you much. Broncos seem to be having a good run at it. Don't you think?
hey mo, 'the weight' by the band is a good song to cover...and i really like 'after the gold rush,' but i've never tried it on guitar, only piano. happy new year to you and yours. love ya!
Hey family... so I've got something for ya Morgs...that song by Journey, I don't remember the title but it talks about the girl takin the midnight train goin any-where....don't stop believin...know what I'm sayin?
Wishing you a happy solstice ! Is it the longest day of the year down there? We had some snow last Sunday. Haislee tried to sled with little luck. Miss yu so much!!!!!!
Um ya, we watched the Broncs Monday night and were thinkin of YOU! So I made Sambar last night, Rich lovingly said it's good Kel,...but not as good as Mo's...what can I say?
congatulations on your safe journey! missing you already here in p-town. though i have prophecy on the computer, you still have to send me one of those cds with henry's picture on it. lots of love to y'all.
Yo Mor-gann Where are your pics...I'm dyin to see you and katie lady and henery! I miss you tons! I can't believe Henery turned the big 2! Seems like it was only yesterday that we were watching him dive into his cake and open presents for his 1st birthday. Tell him how much auntie Kelly loves him!
Hey...It's been a pleasure getting to know you & Henry and of course it's a joy to have Katie back so close. Looking forward to a lot of fun times ahead. Welcome Uncle Mo Mo!
Hey there Mo! Just opened your email a few days late and clicked immediately on your link. Impressive my friend and your boy is pure sunshine. Glad you got out of the ol' USA, life down under is supposed to be grand and I hope it treats you and your fam well as you deserve the best in this life. If you ever decide to head up to Europe give me a ring, I live 'bout 1/2 hr. south of Barcelona. Also, email me your mailing address and I'll send you & Kate some scrumpdiddlyumptious Priorat wine as a late wedding gift(still so damn sad I couldn't make it). Anyway, take care of yourself Momio & rock on. I'm listening to you right now and loooooving it. Besitos desde Catalunya, Nicola
I was searching for free porn and came across your site. Just kidding, Mo. Wanted to wish you well, and make sure you knew that the Broncos killed Philly yesterday. Hope you had a safe move. Let me know if you ever make it through NYC. Park Hill Posse 4 life! Shalom to one and all.
Wow Morgan, this is cool. Your own site. If we'd have known we could have been checking you out for years...Rob & I are excited to meet our new brother-in-law in just 2 more sleeps! To all of your friends & family...we promise to look after him for you and show him a good time here is Australia. Oh, and for the record, Kate was so right, vegemite & toast is the business.
vegemite and toast...Henery, your mummy taught me that it's the PERFECT hangover cure. Something to consider! Love you guys...go BIG!
Farewell to you my friend. Have an awesome adventure. What the %*$# is vegemite anyways? love always, Miss Rhonda
Best wishes to you, Kate and Henry in the land of OZ. Keep us informed about the music, the taco truck, and all interesting events as they unfold.
Hi ! Mo, When are you visitng us in INDIA...
We'll miss you much Phillips family. Have a fab time in Australia and write often and well. Well, as well as you can...Oh well.
keep on pickin mo, your melodies always take me home.
mo n little mo keep rocking.....
You're the bees knees!