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Funky Jams!

Milagros Boutique

Milagros is another fantastic joint I play.  Every Thursday at 10:30am. Milagros has really awesome baby/mamma/kids gear and stuff. Check them out!

5433 NE 30th Avenue, Portland OR, 97211

Portland Children's Museum

Only one of the great children's museums in all the land!


In Washington Park

Across from Oregon Zoo

4015 SW Canyon Road
Portland, Oregon 97221
503. 223.6500

Multnomah County Library

Multnomah County Library not only boasts the BEST circulation in the nation, but they also bring in tons of artists and musicians for the community. Too cool!

Young Audiences Oregon and SW Washington

This is a fantastic program that hooks schools up with artists for performances, residencies and workshops.  Lots of amazing artists soing lots of amazing stuff. Check it out.

Johnny Keener

My good buddy Johnny. Man alive is this guy cool. And when he jumps on stage with my good buddy Jason Green? Double cool. We play virtually every Miss Pizza show together. Why? Cause it rocks.

The Alphabeticians

Portland local kid rockers who are well versed in the many ways of the alphabet and know how to use it! Super awesome!

Mr. Ben

Mr. Ben is local Portland kids musician who packs 'em in and rocks 'em out.  A really chill fella and all around good bloke.

The Toy Trains

Local Portland rockin' family band. Bring the noise!

Professor Banjo

Dude plays a mean banjo and sings real sweet like. Dig.

Van Oodles

And you thought yer buddy Mo was crazy...

Recess Monkey

Possibly the greatest Kindipendent music on the planet.

Mr. David

Mr. David, unbeknownst to him, pretty much got me started. I heard a couple of his songs and then started work on Train Beard. My hat off to him. Thanks Mr. David.